The Short Tale of Bark and Bite

There were two dogs One was Bark and he was dark brown and Bite who was black.  They lived next door to each other and were the best of friends. They did everything together. Bark was known to bite and chew everything. He was curious and explored a lot by taking a bite and tasting things. Bite was very vocal and barked all the time. He always had a lot to say.

One day, while on their daily walk, they found a giant bone. Bark was so excited when he saw the bone and couldn’t resist! He had to bite it. It was so delish! Bite was a bit surprised and he sniffed the air as if it would tell him how the bone got there! Bark was in a hurry to get the bone home. Bite said the bone needed to be watched. They had never found bones this size on their walks. They walked this path everyday and never found a giant bone alone on the side of the path. Bark was not happy with Bite’s plan. He started to get mad and wanted to fight! He gave a low growl to Bite.  Bite did not like this challenge to fight,  The bone was just as much his and he was just as big as Bark. The two dogs growled, bit and rolled on the ground and other dogs started to gather around. Bark and Bite had such a loud fuss, soon all the neighborhood dogs were there to see the fuss. The fight lasted for quite a while. In the meantime, Blonde Bollo the poodle grabbed the giant bone and took it home. After an hour Bark and Bite came up for air and decided to rest, when they noticed that their giant bone had vanished into thin air! They searched and searched for the giant bone, but it was gone!  Bark and Bite ended their fight with a friendly hug and walked home together as usual that night! They promised each other that they would never fight each other again…..not even over a bone!

The moral of this story is: 

Bone here today and bone gone tomorrow, but real friends are forever!