A Positive Alteration


Out in a field over several spring days,

Flowers started to bloom with sweet smells blowing many ways.

There were roses, lilacs, lavender, so sweet,

gardenias, freesias, peonies and jasmine with perfumes that were neat,

visited by butterflies and bees on gentle breeze spring days.


One day a small flower arose from the dirt with a foul smell of a skunk and goat.

It was thin pale green with a bright hard seed coat.

The other flowers wilted and waned when the fragrance from the new flower was carried their way.

“You smell like a skunk and you’re drowning out our scent.” The other flowers would say.

“When will you leave? Your time is spent.”

“We attract butterflies and bees. We are spread across the world.  Your smell is so strong it

makes leaves curl!”

“Who visits you when you’re smelling like a dead rat?”

“No one will visit with a scent as foul as that!”


The flowers leaned away every chance they could

to avoid the horrible smell from the little skunk flower that stood.

Only flies came to visit and buzz for a while.

This did not make the skunk flower smile.

One day a bird, sitting on a limb of a tree that hung near stink flower, said, ”Every living

creature has a purpose in life. Stop listening to all that silly strife.”

“Just be strong, be happy, keep growing and your purpose will be clear.”

“It will happen soon. The time is near!”


Stink flower kept growing until a small red fruit started to grow from its center.

‘Wow!” said stink flower.”This is a day I will always remember!”

A pretty red fruit so delicious, juicy and sweet.

A small brown rabbit hopped up to the stink flower and asked,”May I eat?”

Soon more small animals came to share and eat the treat!

“My, my!”, said the stink flower to the bird in the tree.”I know the purpose nature has

given me!”

“ I give fruit to feed all my furry friends!”

“Maybe next year, I will get to do it again!”

“See what happens when you take the time to wait and see!” chirped the bird in the tree.

“You don’t need the comments of others to decide what to be!”



The G Story


“ Good morning Gary!”, said Mom. “ Breakfast is ready. Come to the kitchen and eat.”

Gary Gorilla jumped out of bed, washed his face and brushed his teeth, put on his clothes

and ran down stairs to the kitchen for breakfast.

“Is today the big day?”, asked Gary.

“Only if you start the garden in the greenhouse in the backyard. Everything you will need

is in the garage.” said Mom and Dad.

Gary ate his cereal and fruit and drank his milk and rushed out of the house into the giant

green garage.

“Hi Gary!”, yelled Giles Gecko. “What are you doing today?”

“ I’m cleaning the greenhouse to start the garden for my mom. I will have a party after I

finish.”, said Gary.

“ May I help?”, asked Giles.

“Sure!” , said Gary, “There can never be too many helpers!”

Along comes Giveme and Gotit Goats. “ Hey Gary! Looks like you’re starting a big chore.

Allow us to help you, if you please?”

“We can weed the garden and mow the grass.”

“Great!“, said Gary, “ That will really help out!”

They walked into the garage to gather the tools for the garden. There were so many things.

A globe, sunglasses, a griddle, a golden gate, an old set of tea glasses, games, gardening

gloves and gardening tools, a baseball glove, Gary’s mom’s old evening gown, his dad’s

golf clubs, lots of glue, safety goggles, a gumball machine, a go-cart, one large gong, a

guitar, grill, a soccer goal and grocery cart, garden hose and grandma’s old girdle.

“ We will use the grocery cart to take the gardening gloves and gardening tools to the

greenhouse in the backyard.”, said Giles.

“Hey Gary!”, yelled Gabby Goose, Gory Gator, and Grace Giraffe, “May we help?”

“Okay”, said Gary,”We can use more hands!”

“Let’s go to the greenhouse in the backyard.”, yelled Gary.

Gus and Greg the Gerbil twins popped in from next door. “We are here to help too!”

“So am I!”, squeaked Gwen Guinea Pig.

“Me too!”, popped up Goober Gofer.

So they all pitched in and cleaned the greenhouse and planted the garden.

“Where do you want me to put all of these golf balls I keep finding in the garden?”, asked

Goober, “Everytime I try to dig a hole to plant the gourd seeds, I find one of your dad’s


“Just place them in this bag until we finish.”, said Gary.

“I’ll clean the greenhouse glass.”, said Gabby.

“ There’s some green glass cleaner and some rags in the grocery cart.”, said Gary.

After hours of cleaning, digging and planting, the garden was ready. They planted greens

of all kinds, garlic, green beans, gourds, ginger, garbanzo, guava and grapes.

“Everyone must stay for my party in the giant green garage! We must celebrate the big

cleaning and planting! You may pick anything you choose as a gift from the garage! It is

my family’s way of saying, Thank You!”, announced Gary.

Grace took the gown as her gift. Gabby took grandma’s old girdle. Gwen took the tea

glasses for her gift. Goober took the safety goggles, and the globe.  Giveme and Gotit took

the guitar and the gong. Goober took the baseball glove, Giles took the sunglasses and

Gory took the soccer goal as their gifts.

“Now let’s get this party started!”, yelled Gary.

Giveme and Gotit played the music for the party and Gary’s mom served green apples,

grilled burgers,hot dogs and lemonade.

And they danced and ate into the night.


Good night!


Verhonda Wiltz



The F Story


Fred the dragon walked out of his cave on morning and found a box on the side of his cave.

“What’s this?” thought Fred, I wonder who left this here?”

Fred opened the box and found a letter and a map.


The letter said:

To the Young Dragon who finds this box.

It is now time for you to find your magic power.

All dragons breath fire by their eighth birthday.

Your birthday is one week from today.

Here is a map that you must follow exactly to find your fire.

It should take you one week to find your fire.

Good Luck!

Fred took the letter and the map and left his cave following the map just as it was plotted

for him to follow.  He followed a trail into the forest where he met his friend Ferdinand the


“Hello, Fred!”, greeted Ferdinand. “What brings you here today?”

Fred showed him the letter and the map.

Ferdinand said, “Wow! That’s really neat! Are you going to try to find your fire?”

“ You bet I am!”, said Fred. “Gather some supplies and come with me!”

So they packed fish, fruit, french fries, fettuccine, fajitas and fudge in a basket and placed

the basket in a small wagon.

“We should be ready now!”, said Ferdinand. “Let’s leave now.”

They followed the trail further into the forest until they reached Fiveall the cat. Fiveall was

sitting on a large limb of the tree hanging over the trail.

“ My fellow friends! Where are you going on this fine Friday?”, Fiveall asked.  

“We are going to help Fred find his fire and we have a map.” said Ferdinand.

“Do you mind if I come along? I never get lost.” ,said Fiveall.

“Sure” said Fred.

“I’ll bring along some extra fish and a flashlight just in case.”, said Fiveall.

They walked further into the forest and it began to get dark. Fiveall pulled out his

flashlight and turned it on. When out came Flynn the fox.

“Where is everybody going?”, asked Flynn. “ I saw the light from the flashlight.”

“ We have a map we are following to help Fred find his fire. Look.” they said.

Flynn looked at the map.

“ Your first stop will have to be the big fire rock with the number

five on it by the brook. I know just where that is! I’ll take you to it!”, said Flynn.

So they kept walking down the winding trail until they reached the big rock as red as a fire.

On top of the rock was Frank the frog.

“Hey!”  ,croaked Frank. “ What are you looking for?”

‘The red fire rock with the number five on it.”

“Well this is it!  You need to be looking down not up.” said Frank.

They walked around it until the found the number five on it.  Then they looked down and

they found a magnifying glass with a note that said…. TAKE THIS WITH YOU.

“Well” said Fiveall, “ I guess you need to take it with us on our trip.”

So Fred took the magnifying glass and placed it into the wagon.

“ Where to next?” asked Frank.

Ferdinand said, “We keep walking.”

The friends kept walking on the trail deeper into the forest. It was soon night and

everything was really dark. All of a sudden, several floating lights appeared in the air.

It was the fifteen Fantastic firefly family on a nightly practice. Mr. Fantastic said, “You’re

traveling late. Let us light your way through the night. Come on family, we have work to do!”

So the five friends and the fireflies kept walking on the trail in the forest. Then they heard

a loud WHOOO!

“ Who was that?”, asked Ferdinand.

“WHO is it at my door?”, loudly asked Fowl the owl.

“It’s me, Fred. I’m here with my friends trying to find my fire. “

“Oh, I have something for you.” said Fowl the owl.

“ Here is a compass to show you the way.” said Fowl.

“ Thanks, I’ll add it to my wagon”, said Fred.

The friends walked for six days on the trail in the forest until they reached a field.

Then out of a hole in the ground pops up Fay the Ferret.

“Where are you friends on your way to?” asked Fay.

“We are on our way to help Fred find his fire.” said Fiveall.

“ I’ve got this letter for Fred that was left here. Read what it says.” said Fay.


“Thanks for the letter!” said Fred. “I won’t open it until I get there.”

The friends walked on the trail until the seventh day, they reached a large dark cave.

“Fred. I’ve been waiting for you.” said Foster the Great Falcon.

“I am the guardian of the dragon’s fire. I give fire to all the young dragons. I’m glad to see

you made it!”

‘You have arrived just in time. You will need all of the tools you found along the way. Come

into the cave and I will instruct you on how to use your tools. Your friends will need to

stand behind you as you find your fire.”

Fred took his tools and followed the instructions.

“Now take your compass and face the North, open the letter you were given and read it,

place the letter on the floor and light the letter with the light of the sun and magnifying

glass. “ said Foster.

The letter read:

This letter is written on magic paper that will light your fire by the rays of the sun.

You must quickly take a deep breath when the paper starts your fire.

Your fire will stay with you forever.

Use it wisely, hurt and damage from fires cannot be undone.

“ Everyone stand behind Fred and count to five. Fred, on the count of five, blow the fire

out of your mouth as hard as you can!” yelled Foster.


Fred blew a great ball of fire for the first time!

“Wow!” everyone yelled. “That was a big one!”

“You really found your fire!” said Ferdinand.

“Now remember to use it wisely.”  Foster reminded Fred.

“ I will.”, said Fred. “Hurt and damage from fires cannot be undone.”

“Happy Birthday Fred!” ,said Fiveall, Ferdinand, Flynn and Foster. “Now you can learn to

fly us back home!”