The A Story

Addie Armadillo sprung out of her bed in Amarillo one sunny April morning. “It’s time for an adventure!”, she said. “I’ll call my adventure buddies Abigail, Ashley, Anna, Arnie, Allen and Aaron. Abigail lives in Arizona, Ashley lives in Alaska, Arnie lives in Austin, Allen lives in Akron, Aaron lives in Alabama,and Anna lives in Arkansas.”

“A new adventure? Sure I’ll be glad to come! I’ll fly my airplane to Amarillo tomorrow morning!.”,said Abigail Antelope.

“Great!”, said Addie.”I’ll see you tomorrow in the A.M.!”

Addie called her other buddies and they all agreed to meet her in Amarillo the next morning. 

It was sunrise and all of Addie’s adventure buddies arrived at her house.

“When does the adventure begin?”,asked Anna Aardvark.

“We’re ready to help you get this adventure going!”,Allen Antelope said.

“I’ll check the aqua-automobile and make sure it’s ready to go.”, said Aaron Ant.

“I’ve packed acorns, apples, almonds, avocados, apricots, ambrosia, amber honey, alfalfa, anchovies, and artichokes to start our adventure.”,Addie said.“Let’s head south to Houston to visit our buddy, Andrew Astronaut for some maps of our adventure and a little advice on what to see and what to avoid to have a great adventure!”,squealed Addie. “Get in the aqua-automobile and let’s get away!”
The aqua-automobile is a large car that is able to move on the ground and sail in the water like a boat.

In a matter of seconds, they were in Houston at Andrew Astronaut’s door.

“Hello Andrew!”,the adventure buddies yelled. “We’re here for your famous travel planning. What do you have for us?”, they asked.

“I suggest you start with the Amazon then go to Argentina, Antarctica, Australia, Asia, Africa, Austria, then cross the Atlantic with a short stop in the Arctic, then back home to Amarillo. You should have weather in your favor the whole way! Let me use some arithmetic to add the amount of fuel the aqua-automobile will need for your adventure.”

“Thanks, Andrew! We’re on our way to the Amazon!”, yelled Addie.

The adventure buddies all climbed into the aqua-automobile and drove south to Galveston, then across the beach and into the ocean. Addie turned on the large outboard motors and steered the aqua-automobile to the Amazon in South America. When they reached the mouth of the Amazon river, they decided to sail up the river instead of driving on land because there were no roads. The river was wide with lots of tree roots in the water and plants and vines along the river.

“There is a lot of rainforest along the river.”, said Anna Aardvark. “That means there are good termites and sweet large ants to eat!”

“Hey! Watch that Anna! Don’t forget that I’m here too!”, screamed Aaron Ant.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean you!”, said Anna.

“Maybe we will get to meet some of my cousins here.”, Aaron said.”There are some swimming up the river and they are carrying leaves.”

“Hello!”,Aaron called out to the ants. “Where are you going?”

The leader yelled back,”We are taking fresh food back to our mound for our queen. A
big feast is planned for the night. Where are you from?”

“North America.”, said Aaron. “We don’t dine on the same food as you, but we work
and live in mounds that we call hills. It’s nice to meet you!”

“Adios! We have to get this to the mound while it’s fresh and so we won’t drown
while swimming!”, said the leader ant.” Enjoy your trip and watch out for giant

“Giant anteaters!”,squealed Anna. “I have cousins here? Where are they?”

“Probably further inland in the rainforest.”,said Addie.

“Oh! Look! There’s one there near the bank! Hello there!”,yelled Anna excitedly.

The giant anteater waved back and continued digging for food. The aqua-automobile continued down the river passing very closely to some trees. Slithering out
of the river and onto a low branch of a tree was a long,large green snake!

“Watch out for that snake, Addie!”, yelled everyone in the aqua-automobile.

“My there are so many of you! Where did you come from?”, asked the large snake.

“We are from North America.”,said Abigail. “What is your name and what kind of snake are you?”

“I’m Asa Anaconda, at your service! I am a member of the largest and longest snake family in the world. My sisters and brothers live here also and are just as long and large as I am. You are so lucky that I ate my last meal an hour ago and I’m absolutely stuffed! All of you would make great meals for me! All of you would get a loving hug from me to thank you before you become my meal!”, said Asa. “I really love everything I eat!”

“Sorry, we can’t stay. We are out of time here on our adventure and must be going now. Adios, Good bye!”, said Addie. She stepped on the gas and sped away!
“Next stop is Argentina!”, yelled Addie.

“We’re here already?”, asked Abigail Alligator. “Look! That looks like one of my cousins, a crocodile!”

 “A cousin of mine too, a macaw!”, screeched Ashley Albatross.

 “I hear music! Let’s tango!”,  said Arnie Aardwolf.

 “Now it’s time for Antarctica! Get ready to put on your coats. It’s going to be cold.” The aqua-automobile sped up and drove from the Andes Mountains to Antarctica. It was starting to snow and everything was cold.

“I still feel cold even with these thick coats on!”, said Anna. “Look! The penguins are even leaving! It’s too cold for them too!”

“Yes, winter is coming soon. It’s autumn here. Remember?”, asked Addie.

“The seals and the walruses don’t want to get stuck in the ice.” , said Aaron.

“So much snow and ice!”,said Ashley Albatross. “It’s way too cold! It’s time to

Everyone agreed, hopped into the aqua-automobile and sped to the next stop, Australia!

“Wow! It’s really cool here!”,said Allen Antelope.” I expected it to be hot.”

“It’s autumn here in Australia. Whatever the season is at home, it is the opposite of it in Australia.”, said Addie. “It’s lunch time. Let’s find our Aboriginal adventure friends and join them for lunch.”

Alinga and Tau were quietly sitting under a large wattle bottlebrush tree on a colorful groundcover waiting for their picnic guests.

“Hullo! We have been waiting for you! Sit down and eat with us!”, said Alinga. “I have some cold fresh water to go with our food!”

Addie, Anna, Abigail, Ashley, Arnie, Aaron, and Allen all sat down to share and eat their apples, acorns, apricots, ambrosia, almonds, avocados, amber honey, alfalfa, anchovies and artichokes, while they drank the cold fresh water Alinga and Tau brought.

“Now that we have had lunch, let’s visit one of our special places!”, said Alinga and Tau.”We’re going to see Ayers Rock! We call it Uluru. It is very special to us. We are not too far from it.”

Everyone followed Alinga and Tau across the plain, down a path to a wide open area. It looked like a huge red rocky hill in the middle of a flat field. There were no bushes, trees or grasses growing on the mound. It was a big red rock.

“Wow!”,said Ashley.“That’s a big pretty rock!”

“I have never seen a single rock that big!”,said Arnie.

“There are no mountains around!”,Addie said.

“It’s my favorite color!”,cried Allen.

“We know!”,everyone said.”It’s RED!”

Everyone thanked Alinga and Tau for the wonderful lunch and for sharing their favorite place. It was now time to visit their next stop in their adventure, Asia.Everyone piled into the aqua-automobile and sailed off to Asia.  They arrived in Beijing, China at the Great Wall.

“This sure is a long wall. Did the Chinese keep in what they wanted or did they keep out what or whom they didn’t want.”,asked Ashley.

“It was meant to keep invaders out, but it didn’t do so well. They still came in.”, said Allen.

“It is big and long. It does make you think before walking in.”,said Abigail.

“It was also used as a border marker at one time.”,said Arnie.

“This old wall has lasted a long time!”, said Addie. “It’s time to visit the Terracotta Army!”

They all piled into the aqua-automobile and drove in a flash to the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum. Inside, they saw the large clay figured army.

“They look like the plastic army men my brother used to play with, only bigger!”, said Arnie.

“When you are the emperor, I guess you would expect everything you own to be bigger!”,Anna said.

“They have everything they used, horses, arrows and wagons made of clay.”, said Abigail. “They did not forget anything.”

“The emperor must have had some great artists.”,Allen said.

“All the soldiers’ faces look different.”, said Allen.

“They are the same size as humans!”,Aaron said while standing on a soldier’s arm.

It was soon time to go to the next stop on the adventure.  They again piled into the aqua-automobile and soon arrived in Africa.  They stopped in Angola at the Kissama National Park.

“Look over there! It’s one of my cousins!”,said Allen Antelope.

“There are some of my cousins, too!”, cried Arnie Aardwolf.

“There are three of my cousins over under that tree!”,squealed Anna Aardvark. “Let’s go say hello!”

All three went to their cousins and chatted about living in Africa and about living in the United States. They shared some of their foods and then said goodbye.

“We will have to arrange for them to visit us like we are visiting them!”, said Allen and Ann.

“We sure will! We will make it a great adventure for them!”, said Addie. “Now we must get to our next stop, Austria.”

“Again they all piled into the aqua-automobile and before they knew it, they were in St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria.

“We are right in the middle of the Austrian Alps! It is so wonderful!”, said Addie.

“We need to come when it’s ski season!”, said Aaron Ant. “I’m a pro on the snowboard!”

“We are here to visit Arnold Affenpinscher. He is going to show us a few things.”, said Addie. ”There he is over there at the train station.”

“Hallo everybody! Herzlich Willkommen, Welcome!”,greeted Arnold. “Let’s go to my cottage at the top of the hill over there.”

“It is so beautiful here!”, everyone said all together.

They arrived at Arnold’s cottage and ate a small snack of cheese, grass, and grubs with fresh mountain spring water.

“Let’s take turns playing the alpen horn!”, said Arnold. “I’ll show you how it’s done. Arnold took a deep breath and blew a short song on the alpen horn.
Everyone took turns blowing on the horn.  Of course, Aaron Ant was the best on playing the horn.

“The alpenhorn used to be the phone, long ago, for the farmers who lived in the Alps. The sound travels a long way in the mountains.”,said Arnold. “They also used laling or yodeling to call each other between villages or when they were moving. It’s hard to carry an alpenhorn in your pocket while you are taking a walk!”
Arnold yodeled for his guests and they all joined in on a short song.

Addie announced, “It’s time for us to say farewell and thank you, Auf Wiedersehen, Vielen danke!”

“Everything was great! We had a great time!”,said Allen and Aaron.

“You must return! Goodbye and have a safe trip!”,said Arnold.

They all piled into the aqua automobile parked at the train station and before they knew it they stopped in Iceland.

“We are making a short fuel stop here in the Arctic in Iceland. Let’s enjoy the Northern Lights for a few minutes while we refuel!”, said Addie.
Everyone sat and enjoyed looking up at the beautiful light show in the sky. Soon, it was time to go and they sailed back to Addie’s home in Amarillo.

“That was a great adventure!” ,said Allen.


“We must do another soon!”,said Aaron.


“That was just absolutely fab!” ,said Abigail.


“That was a repeater!”,said Ashley.


“Awesome adventure!”,said Arnie.


“An adventure of a lifetime!”,said Anna.


“ An amazing adventure!”,said Arnie.

“I must say this adventure had something for everyone. We will do it again soon!”, said Addie.”I’ll work on an Awsome August Adventure!”

 All of Addie’s friends boarded their airplanes and flew home.


The T Story

“This is Torrence Tasmanian Devil with the Television News at Ten.”

“Television News at Ten is brought to you by Tank Truck Transport of Texas.”

“Today, Terry Tiger tap danced while his friend Tony Turtle tiptoed across the stage during the retired teachers’ tea party. It was a success. The teachers did not perform their familiar tirade when they find the monthly talent sub-par.”

“Tuesday, Terry will tango on stage with Tanya Tayra at the Tropicana Theater. This will be a show you will not want to miss! Tickets go on sale today at two.”

“Tonight be sure to watch Chef Tippy Turkey on his new show, “Top Turkey Creations”. This episode features his new twist on Thanksgiving dinner using tamales, tacos, taquitos, and tortillas. Watch “Top Turkey Creations” every Thursday at ten, nine central time on this station.”

“….And now a word from our sponsors….”

“You need your tank of liquid hauled from Tennessee to Texas? Just telephone 281-232-13-30 Tank Truck Transport of Texas!,” sang Timmy Tarantula, the country music star.

“This afternoon, Tammy Talapoin, the travel agent, traveled to Taipei, Taiwan and tasted teriyaki, tofu and tiramisu from a tray at a special tea house. You can see more of Tammy’s travels on her show, “Travel with Tammy” today at three pm. ”

We just got breaking news! Theresa Tamaraw is at the scene”.

“We are here for the grand opening of the Twinkling Twin Towers.  They are the tallest apartment and hotel towers in Toledo. Twinkling Twin Towers are taking applications for the toughest apartments and the hotel is already booked.”, said Theresa.

“Thank you, Theresa,” said Torrence. “We will be back after this.”

“Tummy Tummy is so yummy taste our tuna, tilapia, and trout. Eat it with our tartar sauce or without! Take the number ten train to Thirteenth street and fill your tummy at Tummy Tummy’s!”, sang Taffy Tortoise.

“Don’t miss Tommy Tawny tuco-tuco tactfully talking and tasting a twenty-two-gallon tank full of truffles sitting on a table to make the World Book of Records. This will be happening Thursday afternoon at three, so don’t miss it! ”

“ Timothy Tapeti cried thirty thousand tiny terrible tears as he tore the tape and tar from his fur after a terrible fall today. ”

“…..And now for our sports…..”

“The table tennis team was very technical about taping targets on the taxis to practice for the tournament next week. They say when they use this method, they usually win.”

“The Tornados will be playing the Tallahassee Twisters tomorrow in a triple header at Weather Station Field.”

“Now for By the way moments.”

“The Timber Terrace trash day will change from Thursdays to Tuesdays.”

“That’s all the news today for Television News at Ten. Thank You for watching! I’m Torrence Tasmanian Devil. Be sure to get the latest Television news by watching Television News at Two. Until tomorrow, have a Terrific Tuesday!”

The Q Story

This is the story of Queen Quintessa of New Queensland and her five quiet quotes

written with her large white quill, that made the quintuplet finals.  Queen Quintessa

kissed her beautiful quetzal who sang a quick song. She requested her quilt and quartz

crown to be carefully placed on her fiery red quiff and was quite upset when her

subjects were a quarter past the hour late to assist her.  Queen Quintessa reached for her

quill to shoot her quick arrows to punish them. Her subjects quaked, quaved, quivered

and quietly tiptoed out of her quarters. She questioned and quizzed the new quarterback

of her quarry football team on his qualifications until he quit and they traded quips and

called each other quacks. She banished him to the deserts of Qatar, with nothing to

quench his thirst, charged him a quantum of ten thousand pieces of gold, and left her

team in a quandary.

Queen Quintessa called for lunch of quincy, quahog and quiche with four quarts of royal

punch served in golden queghs, to be shared with her pets Quinton Quoll and Quickly

Quokka. After lunch she requested her purple quoif to be placed on her head for her daily four

quarters of the hour nap. Quinton Quoll bid Queen Quintessa good day and thanked her

for the lunch,  as he hurried off to his quiet hole to continue his daily nap since he is

most active at night.

Queen Quintessa gave her final order for the day for the servants to plant quamash in

the royal gardens near the quoins so Quickly Quokka would have somewhere to stay and


Now if you think this story is one large quiz and you need a dictionary, that is right on

que, wait until you read the x story. It is going to be a doozy too!


The O Story

Otis the olive octopus swam happily in the warm ocean eating oysters from the oyster

bed and playing hide and go seek with his friend Oscar the oddly pink squid while

squirting ink at each other.  Otis danced an old fashioned dance on his way to find his

friend Omari the orange starfish. Omari was sitting on a very large round rock on the

bottom of the ocean watching Orlando the one-lined pencilfish swim by. Otis invited

Omari to join him in eating oysters at the oyster bed near the opening he called home.

“I would be delighted to join you!,” said Omari.

Otis and Omari swam to the oyster bed and were suddenly surprised by the Oakland

Otter family who were very occupied with eating as many oysters as they could while

floating over the bed.

“Oh! What a mess they are making!,” yelled Omari. “Will there be any left for us to eat?”

“Don’t worry about how much we eat here!,” snapped Orion Oakland. “ You need to

occupy your time observing the oil slick on the ocean surface that has been drifting this

way since October!”

“It has ruined everything in its path. That is why we are here to eat. The oil has covered

all our food near our home.”

“Oh no!,” said Otis. “That is so sad. What caused the oil slick?”

“One of those old oil barges hit some of the coral which opened a hole in the bottom and

all of the oil leaked into the ocean.”

“Everyone will have to move until the human oil technicians clean it up..” said Ophelia


“It was so much better when humans used boats of oak with oars!,” stated Omari.

Soon, Owen and Olympia, the Orcas swam by.

“We are looking for a large school of oblique banded butterflyfish. Did you see any pass

by?, ” asked Owen.

“No we have not.,” said Otis. “How far is the oil slick from us now?”

“ I would say maybe three days away, but it looks like the human oil technicians are

trying to clean it now.,” said Olympia.

“ Maybe we won’t have to move and we can just observe.,” said Omari.

On the hour of one o’clock, Oden, the water police officer arrived with the official report

on the status of the oil slick.

“ From the observation of the Office of the Oceanic Science Organization, the oil spill of

October from the Orange barge has been officially removed from the ocean!,”

announced Officer Oden. “ You may return to the oyster beds of your ocean.”

“Wonderful!,” said Otis and Omari. “Now let’s sit down and enjoy our oysters!”