Ernie Bean and His Big Blue Submarine

One late October night, Ernie Bean had a dream that he had built a big blue submarine and traveled the ocean to new places he had never seen. When he woke up the next morning, he decided to follow his dream and build a big blue submarine! There were a few problems with Ernie’s dream. Ernie lived on a farm far from the ocean and he had never really seen a real submarine. Ernie was determined and would not give up on his dream. He was going to build his big blue submarine. Ernie knew he would need some help building this submarine, so he told his two best friends, Mike and John about his dream and his plan to build his submarine. They thought it was neat and the greatest thing to build and travel in a big submarine! Mike and John agreed to help Ernie build this big blue submarine. Ernie knew he had to get started, and would be starting from scratch, so he went to the only one around who he knew who may have seen a submarine and that was old Admiral Sternrudder. He lived in a small house near the lake and kept a large collection of ships in bottles there. Ernie, Mike, and John decided to pay the Admiral a visit for help building a submarine. The Admiral listened closely and said Ernie had a pipe dream. He explained that they don’t build submarines on land far from the sea. He said it would take a lot of steel and iron, cranes, frames and welders to build that sort of thing. Since Ernie insisted, the Admiral loaned Ernie a book on ship and submarines and wished Ernie, Mike, and John well with chasing their dream.

Ernie, Mike, and John read the book from cover to cover, soaking everything up like a sponge, and finally hatched a plan to build a submarine right here on land! Ernie, Mike, and John were known to march to a different drummer and could not be stopped when the started something new. Ernie drew up the plans. Mike added the measurements and John gathered the materials needed to build the submarine. They decided to visit Scrappy’s JunkYard to find most of what they needed. They told Scrappy what they were building and Scrappy asked if they were in over their heads? He said he knew a man who ran marine scrap yard far away on the coast, but it would take a while for the parts to make it to town. Ernie, Mike, and John said that would be great! See what happens when they put their heads together! The boys decided that the submarine would have to be motorized so that it could make it to the shore. John found the right thing-three old tractors could do the job! Scrappy had a couple of old cranes that he was willing to trade. Ernie had collected quite a few spare parts from his neighbors’ farms and traded them with Scrappy for the parts they needed.

They visited Root and Trunks Lumber Yard for as much spare wood as they could get for the frame. When the told Limb Root and Leaf Trunks about their plan, they told the boys they had rocks in their heads but would help them with the plan. Limb and Leaf showed them the section of the lumber yard with the surplus wood and told them they could have as much wood as they wanted. The last stop they made was at Hit The Nail On The Head Hardware Store for the blue paint. Mike calculated that they would need 1,000 gallons of Marine Blue paint to cover the submarine. The boys placed their collection of material and tools outside of Ernie’s barn. Ernie, Mike, and John rolled up their sleeves and worked on building the submarine day and night. The word got around to the neighbors in town and they started to come to Ernie’s to see the building of the submarine. Some said the boys were out of their heads, some said their idea was crazy and so was their dream, some called the submarine a white elephant, and some said it was queer as a three dollar bill. Only one little girl said she supported their dream. Ernie, Mike, and John did not seem to care. They gave them a deaf ear and just kept building the submarine. One day before they knew it, they had completed the thing. It was one giant blue submarine. They cranked it up and checked it out! Everything worked as planned. The boys packed their bags and climbed into the tractor and began their journey to the coast. The neighbors gathered down the streets of town as the big blue submarine passed down the main streets to the highway that ends at the coast. The neighbors gawked and some even cheered. Others did not have a clue. Some were so happy that they didn’t know what to do! The boys got lots of looks and were asked by many for pictures as they kept trucking down the highway headed toward the sea.

Ernie, Mike, John finally reached the ramp, christened the submarine with a bottle of apple cider and launched it into the water. They climbed into the sub and began to live their dream. The boys learned early that if you stick to your goals and follow your dreams, you can do anything! Ernie, Mike, and John were now sailing the world in their big blue submarine!

Things to Know About Our Fifty States: Part One

All aboard Students! Everyone on this train? We are going across this country to visit every state and find at least two important things about each state!
So, have your tablets and cameras ready as we take this trip across the North American continent. You will not want to miss a thing! All of the states have something interesting they are known for.

Our first state is Alabama. One of our southern states. It is known for its NASA facilities, auto manufacturing and its iron and steel products. It was the birthplace of the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

Our next stop is Alaska. It is our largest state. It is known for it’s beautiful scenery with the Aurora Borealis. It is usually the only place in the USA where the Northern Lights can be seen. It also supplies oil to the mainland. The mainland of Alaska has only one time zone which causes northwest Alaska to experience two sunsets in one day each year. It is also the only state in the nation to experience 24 hours of daylight and 24 hours of night! At their closest point, Alaska and Russia are only three miles apart!

We move on to one of our desert states known as Arizona. Home to the Grand Canyon. It is one of the richest mineral zones and grows vegetables and fruit for our country. It has the most solar observatories in the United States.

Now it’s time for Arkansas. It’s known for its parks, caves and hot springs. It is our largest producer of poultry, dairy goods, and bauxite.

Next, we will visit California! It’s our golden state! Known for its gold, music, movies, wine, food, amusement parks and beautiful sequoia trees. It has the second largest city in the USA and also the state with the largest population.

On to Colorado. It is a beautiful mountainous state! Gold and uranium were once mined and supplied to the United States. Denver houses the US Mint.

Next, to Connecticut a state to the north. It has the largest maritime museum in the world. It was one of the original thirteen colonies and it is home to the oldest public library. It is home to the first frisbee, hamburger, Polaroid Land Camera, insurance company, FM radio station, and the arsenal for the thirteen colonies.

Down to Delaware! It is another one of the thirteen colonies. Home of the Nemours Foundation started by Alfred Du Pont, the inventor of the first combustion locomotive, the state has only three counties and the only state without National Parks or Monuments.

Now to Sunny Florida! Home to large citrus and avocado crops, amusement parks, car racing, NASA space program, water sports, tropical warm weather, and alligators. The oldest city in the USA is located here.

It’s up to Georgia, another southern state and the last of the thirteen colonies! It is known for its sweet peaches, pecans, peanuts, cotton, hogs, automobile manufacturing, southern fried chicken and soul food. Home to Martin Luther King, Coke, and Girl Scouts.

We will have to board a ship to take that trip to our fiftieth state Hawaii. It is the last state to be added to the union and the only set of islands. Known for its beautiful beaches, mountains, and scenery. It also gives us those sweet pineapples, coffee, cocoa and vanilla beans. Home to Pearl Harbor and the World War II museum, the only royal palace and tropical rainforest in the US. It has taught us how to surf, given us the largest volcano on earth and honors a royal monarchy.

We will now take our ship back to the mainland and board the train to Idaho. It’s known for its potatoes, water rafting, fishing, winter sports and more than 72 kinds of precious and semi-precious gemstones are mined there. Idaho has the deepest river gorge in North America.

Now traveling over to Illinois, Illinois had the first “skyscraper”, back then it was a building over ten floors. Now it has the tallest building in North America in Chicago. It had the first aquarium and is home to the most sophisticated prehistoric native civilization north of Mexico. Illinois was the first state to ratify the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution abolishing slavery.

Moving on to Indiana, where the first professional baseball game was played! Ninety percent of the world’s popcorn comes from Indiana. It is the home state of “The King of Pop”, Michael Jackson and his family. It is also known for its covered bridges. Speaking of building, it has provided the limestone blocks that were used on the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, the Pentagon, the US Mint and many other building in Washington DC.

Next, we are headed to Iowa. It is the only state with two borders that are rivers. It is the largest producer of pork, corn, eggs, and ethanol in the USA. The first female lawyer to practice in the United States was from Iowa. Fenton Place Elevator is the world’s steepest and shortest railway. It is also home to Quaker Oats, the largest cereal company in the world. Iowa is also known for its camper and motorhome production in Winnebago.

We will now stop in Kansas for a short break. It is famous for beer, wheat, and private aircraft production. Home of the designers of the helicopter, Amelia Earhart-the first licensed female pilot, Pizza Hut, and the inventor of the dial telephone. It also has the windiest city in the USA!

Our next stop is Kentucky. Kentucky is home to the Kentucky Derby, Mammoth Cave-the longest cave in the world and the US gold reserve, Fort Knox. It was the first state to observe Mother’s Day and has the only US city built in a meteor crater. It is also the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, the key leaders in the Civil War.

Moving deep down south to Louisiana. It is known for its cotton fields, oil, and gas refinery and production, giving us jazz music, the French Quarter, Mardi Gras and spicy cajun cooking! It also holds some world records. The Superdome in New Orleans is the largest steel-constructed room unobstructed by posts in the world. Its capital building is the tallest in the USA. It also has the longest bridge over water in the world. Louisiana has the Crawfish and the Frog Capitals of the world.

Next, we will be stopping in Maine, the only state with one state at its border. It is the blueberry capital of the world. Maine is the biggest harvester of lobsters in the USA. It is home to the smallest lighthouse in the USA and the largest globe in the world.

We are on our way to Maryland! Maryland is home to the first school and the first dental school in the USA. It is home to the sailing capital of the world. It is also home to the production of the first umbrellas in the USA and Babe Ruth and Edgar Allen Poe. Maryland is home to the first railroad station.

Now pulling into the station in Massachusetts, one of the original thirteen colonies! It’s known for its cranberries, toll house chocolate cookies, cod fishing and Boston Cream Pie. It is known for having the first subway system. It is where the first basketball game was played and home to the basketball hall of fame. It is home to the only place in the world where a boat can sail under a train driving under a car driving under an airplane!

All aboard! We are on our way to Michigan! It’s the home of the car capital, the largest cement plant, the largest limestone quarry, the largest registered Holstein dairy herd, and the largest producer of magic supplies in the world! It is home to the first university in the USA. Michigan is the cereal capital of the world and home to the first soda pop. It has the longest freshwater shoreline in the world and has the world’s only floating post office! Michigan is also known for its cherries and the ‘Motown Sound” of the sixties and seventies!

We have to keep this train moving, so we are almost at our next stop, Minnesota! It is the land of more than 10,000 lakes, the source of the Mississippi River, the largest shopping mall in the USA, the largest skyway system in the world and the 3M company-makers of scotch tape and post-its notes. It’s home to the Milky Way, Snickers and 3 Musketeers candy bars! Minnesota is also home to the first bus service in the USA and the first supercomputer in the world. It is also where the first pacemaker was invented and placed on a patient and the place of the first open heart surgery. It is also the home of the musician Prince and actress Judy Garland.

Our next stop will be Mississippi! It is the home of the first teddy bear! The birthplace of the blues music and one of four cities sanctioned to host the International Ballet Competition. It is also where the first lung transplant was performed. It is also the catfish, cotton and pecan capital of the world.Mississippi is the birthplace of Elvis Presley, Morgan Freeman, and Walter Payton- the first football player to have his picture on a box of Wheaties cereal.

We are stopping now in the state of Missouri. It has the tallest man-made national monument in the USA. It has the largest beer producing plant in the United States. It also was the first to host the Olympic Games in the United States. Missouri is the home of the “Live Music Show Capital of the World” and the first public kindergarten in the United States. It is also home of the first ice cream and waffle cone, cotton candy and Dr. Pepper.

Now we are moving west to Montana, the largest landlocked state in the USA! Montana is the only state whose constitution recognizes the cultural heritage of the Native Americans and is committed to the preservation of their cultural integrity.It is also home to Yellowstone National Park and the geyser called “Old Faithful”. Montana is known for its gold and the sapphire from the state is the only gem from the US to be included in the Crown Jewels of England.

Next stop on this trip is Nebraska. It is home to the largest indoor rainforest and the largest hand planted forest in the USA. Nebraska is also home to the largest Mammoth fossil in the world. It is also where Kool-Aid started, the world’s largest railroad classification yard where railcars are repaired and serviced, and the birthplace of billionaire Warren Buffett.

Now we have arrived at Nevada. It is the largest gold and silver producing state in the USA. The federal government owns 85% of the land in Nevada. It has more hotel rooms than any other city in the world. It has more mountain ranges than any other state! It has the tallest freestanding observation tower in the US. It was the first state to ratify the 15th Amendment to the US Constitution prohibiting the federal and state governments from denying a citizen the right to vote based on his or her “race, color or previous condition of servitude.” Nevada is also the driest state in the nation and it also has the most hot springs. It is home to half of America’s wild horses and burros.

Now we will be stopping in New Hampshire. It was the first of the thirteen colonies to declare independence from Great Britain. The first successful planting of the potato was made in New Hampshire. The first alarm clock was invented in the state. It is also the only state that does not require by law for adult drivers to wear seatbelts while driving. New Hampshire has the shortest coastline of all the coastal states in the nation.

Our next stop is New Jersey. New Jersey has the most diners in the world and the most shopping malls in one area in the world. It is the only state that has had every one of its counties deemed “urban” as defined by the Census Bureau. It is the most densely populated state in the USA. New Jersey was the first state to sign the Bill of Rights. It was also the place of the first professional basketball game. New Jersey has more horses per square mile than any other state. Thomas Edison created most of his inventions in New Jersey. It is against the law for drivers to self-serve themselves gasoline. It is the only state the have full-service gasoline stations!

We are on our way to New Mexico! It has the highest and oldest state capital in the nation. Microsoft was founded in the state. It has the largest Latino population in the USA. New Mexico has the largest hot air balloon convention.

Next, we will be in New York, home to the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the largest city in the USA! It has the longest toll road, the first steam boat, and the oldest chartered city. It was the first state to require license plates on automobiles! It was the home to the first railroad with a locomotive engine. It has also been the birthplace of the most governors in the USA. New York is home to the most visited waterfall in the world.

We’re on our way down south to North Carolina. The first airplane was successfully flown from there by Wilbur and Orville Wright. The first English colony in America was in North Carolina. The first English child born in America was born in North Carolina. The state is the largest producer of sweet potatoes, tobacco, furniture, bricks and textiles in the nation. It also has the highest waterfall and tallest dam in the Eastern USA. The state is the home of Pepsi Cola and Krispy Kreme Doughnut.

We now will be making our way to North Dakota. It is the largest producer of spring wheat, durum wheat, sunflower seeds, oats, barley, lentils, honey, edible beans, canola, and flaxseed in the United States. North Dakota is the second largest oil producing state in the nation. It is home to more wildlife refuges than any other state. It is home to the largest buffalo statue and the inventor of the roll film camera.

Our next stop will take some days to travel so we will continue next week with great things to know about our fifty states!


The Z Story

Zoom, zoom, zoom.

Zachary Zebra is painting zigzags in his room.

Zing, zing, zing.

Zuri Zapatarail was practicing songs to sing.

Zap, zap, zap.

Zander Zebu was writing rap songs.

Zug, zug, zug.

Zoe Zorilla plays her zither.

Zoe Zorilla plays her zither. Zander Zebu was writing rap songs. Zuri Zapatarail was practicing songs to sing. Zachary Zebra was painting zigzags in his room. And the zong goes on and on.The zong goes on and on.

Zoom, zoom, zoom.

Zuberi wears his zoot suit with a zillion zippers.

Zing, zing, zing.

Zula dances the zydeco.

Zap, zap, zap.

Zeno sings zany songs.

Zug, zug, zug.

Zavia sails down the Zambezi River.

Zavia sails down the Zambezi River. Zeno sings zany songs. Zula dances the zydeco. Zuberi wears his zoot suit with a zillion zippers. Zoe Zorilla plays her zither. Zander Zebu was writing rap songs. Zuri Zapatrarail was practicing songs to sing. Zachary Zebra was painting zigzags in his room. And the zong goes on and on. The zong goes on and on.

Zoom, zoom, Zoom.

Zane Zabi brought zesty zhoog zucchini and ziti for a picnic in the zephyrs of the Zaire


Zelena Zigor brought zuppa and zopf for the picnic on the Zaire River.

Zander Ziven brought zimtsterne and zeppoli for the sweet delight for dessert for the

picnic on the Zaire River.

Zany Zev Zelotes left the zoo to bring the zaffer plates for the picnic on the Zaire River.

Zany Zev Zelotes left the zoo to bring the zaffer plates for the picnic on the Zaire River.Zander Ziven brought zimtsterne and zeppoli for the sweet delight for dessert for the picnic on the Zaire River. Zelena Zigor brought zuppa and zopf for the picnic on the Zaire River. Zane Zabi brought zesty zhoog zucchini and ziti for a picnic in the zephyrs of the Zaire River.Zavia sails down the Zambezi River. Zeno sings zany songs. Zula dances the zydeco. Zuberi wears his zoot suit with a zillion zippers. Zoe Zorilla plays her zither. Zander zebu was writing rap songs. Zuri Zapatrarail was practicing songs to sing. Zachary Zebra was painting zigzags in his room. And the zong goes on and on. The zong goes on and on.

The A Story

Addie Armadillo sprung out of her bed in Amarillo one sunny April morning. “It’s time for an adventure!”, she said. “I’ll call my adventure buddies Abigail, Ashley, Anna, Arnie, Allen and Aaron. Abigail lives in Arizona, Ashley lives in Alaska, Arnie lives in Austin, Allen lives in Akron, Aaron lives in Alabama,and Anna lives in Arkansas.”

“A new adventure? Sure I’ll be glad to come! I’ll fly my airplane to Amarillo tomorrow morning!.”,said Abigail Antelope.

“Great!”, said Addie.”I’ll see you tomorrow in the A.M.!”

Addie called her other buddies and they all agreed to meet her in Amarillo the next morning. 

It was sunrise and all of Addie’s adventure buddies arrived at her house.

“When does the adventure begin?”,asked Anna Aardvark.

“We’re ready to help you get this adventure going!”,Allen Antelope said.

“I’ll check the aqua-automobile and make sure it’s ready to go.”, said Aaron Ant.

“I’ve packed acorns, apples, almonds, avocados, apricots, ambrosia, amber honey, alfalfa, anchovies, and artichokes to start our adventure.”,Addie said.“Let’s head south to Houston to visit our buddy, Andrew Astronaut for some maps of our adventure and a little advice on what to see and what to avoid to have a great adventure!”,squealed Addie. “Get in the aqua-automobile and let’s get away!”
The aqua-automobile is a large car that is able to move on the ground and sail in the water like a boat.

In a matter of seconds, they were in Houston at Andrew Astronaut’s door.

“Hello Andrew!”,the adventure buddies yelled. “We’re here for your famous travel planning. What do you have for us?”, they asked.

“I suggest you start with the Amazon then go to Argentina, Antarctica, Australia, Asia, Africa, Austria, then cross the Atlantic with a short stop in the Arctic, then back home to Amarillo. You should have weather in your favor the whole way! Let me use some arithmetic to add the amount of fuel the aqua-automobile will need for your adventure.”

“Thanks, Andrew! We’re on our way to the Amazon!”, yelled Addie.

The adventure buddies all climbed into the aqua-automobile and drove south to Galveston, then across the beach and into the ocean. Addie turned on the large outboard motors and steered the aqua-automobile to the Amazon in South America. When they reached the mouth of the Amazon river, they decided to sail up the river instead of driving on land because there were no roads. The river was wide with lots of tree roots in the water and plants and vines along the river.

“There is a lot of rainforest along the river.”, said Anna Aardvark. “That means there are good termites and sweet large ants to eat!”

“Hey! Watch that Anna! Don’t forget that I’m here too!”, screamed Aaron Ant.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean you!”, said Anna.

“Maybe we will get to meet some of my cousins here.”, Aaron said.”There are some swimming up the river and they are carrying leaves.”

“Hello!”,Aaron called out to the ants. “Where are you going?”

The leader yelled back,”We are taking fresh food back to our mound for our queen. A
big feast is planned for the night. Where are you from?”

“North America.”, said Aaron. “We don’t dine on the same food as you, but we work
and live in mounds that we call hills. It’s nice to meet you!”

“Adios! We have to get this to the mound while it’s fresh and so we won’t drown
while swimming!”, said the leader ant.” Enjoy your trip and watch out for giant

“Giant anteaters!”,squealed Anna. “I have cousins here? Where are they?”

“Probably further inland in the rainforest.”,said Addie.

“Oh! Look! There’s one there near the bank! Hello there!”,yelled Anna excitedly.

The giant anteater waved back and continued digging for food. The aqua-automobile continued down the river passing very closely to some trees. Slithering out
of the river and onto a low branch of a tree was a long,large green snake!

“Watch out for that snake, Addie!”, yelled everyone in the aqua-automobile.

“My there are so many of you! Where did you come from?”, asked the large snake.

“We are from North America.”,said Abigail. “What is your name and what kind of snake are you?”

“I’m Asa Anaconda, at your service! I am a member of the largest and longest snake family in the world. My sisters and brothers live here also and are just as long and large as I am. You are so lucky that I ate my last meal an hour ago and I’m absolutely stuffed! All of you would make great meals for me! All of you would get a loving hug from me to thank you before you become my meal!”, said Asa. “I really love everything I eat!”

“Sorry, we can’t stay. We are out of time here on our adventure and must be going now. Adios, Good bye!”, said Addie. She stepped on the gas and sped away!
“Next stop is Argentina!”, yelled Addie.

“We’re here already?”, asked Abigail Alligator. “Look! That looks like one of my cousins, a crocodile!”

 “A cousin of mine too, a macaw!”, screeched Ashley Albatross.

 “I hear music! Let’s tango!”,  said Arnie Aardwolf.

 “Now it’s time for Antarctica! Get ready to put on your coats. It’s going to be cold.” The aqua-automobile sped up and drove from the Andes Mountains to Antarctica. It was starting to snow and everything was cold.

“I still feel cold even with these thick coats on!”, said Anna. “Look! The penguins are even leaving! It’s too cold for them too!”

“Yes, winter is coming soon. It’s autumn here. Remember?”, asked Addie.

“The seals and the walruses don’t want to get stuck in the ice.” , said Aaron.

“So much snow and ice!”,said Ashley Albatross. “It’s way too cold! It’s time to

Everyone agreed, hopped into the aqua-automobile and sped to the next stop, Australia!

“Wow! It’s really cool here!”,said Allen Antelope.” I expected it to be hot.”

“It’s autumn here in Australia. Whatever the season is at home, it is the opposite of it in Australia.”, said Addie. “It’s lunch time. Let’s find our Aboriginal adventure friends and join them for lunch.”

Alinga and Tau were quietly sitting under a large wattle bottlebrush tree on a colorful groundcover waiting for their picnic guests.

“Hullo! We have been waiting for you! Sit down and eat with us!”, said Alinga. “I have some cold fresh water to go with our food!”

Addie, Anna, Abigail, Ashley, Arnie, Aaron, and Allen all sat down to share and eat their apples, acorns, apricots, ambrosia, almonds, avocados, amber honey, alfalfa, anchovies and artichokes, while they drank the cold fresh water Alinga and Tau brought.

“Now that we have had lunch, let’s visit one of our special places!”, said Alinga and Tau.”We’re going to see Ayers Rock! We call it Uluru. It is very special to us. We are not too far from it.”

Everyone followed Alinga and Tau across the plain, down a path to a wide open area. It looked like a huge red rocky hill in the middle of a flat field. There were no bushes, trees or grasses growing on the mound. It was a big red rock.

“Wow!”,said Ashley.“That’s a big pretty rock!”

“I have never seen a single rock that big!”,said Arnie.

“There are no mountains around!”,Addie said.

“It’s my favorite color!”,cried Allen.

“We know!”,everyone said.”It’s RED!”

Everyone thanked Alinga and Tau for the wonderful lunch and for sharing their favorite place. It was now time to visit their next stop in their adventure, Asia.Everyone piled into the aqua-automobile and sailed off to Asia.  They arrived in Beijing, China at the Great Wall.

“This sure is a long wall. Did the Chinese keep in what they wanted or did they keep out what or whom they didn’t want.”,asked Ashley.

“It was meant to keep invaders out, but it didn’t do so well. They still came in.”, said Allen.

“It is big and long. It does make you think before walking in.”,said Abigail.

“It was also used as a border marker at one time.”,said Arnie.

“This old wall has lasted a long time!”, said Addie. “It’s time to visit the Terracotta Army!”

They all piled into the aqua-automobile and drove in a flash to the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum. Inside, they saw the large clay figured army.

“They look like the plastic army men my brother used to play with, only bigger!”, said Arnie.

“When you are the emperor, I guess you would expect everything you own to be bigger!”,Anna said.

“They have everything they used, horses, arrows and wagons made of clay.”, said Abigail. “They did not forget anything.”

“The emperor must have had some great artists.”,Allen said.

“All the soldiers’ faces look different.”, said Allen.

“They are the same size as humans!”,Aaron said while standing on a soldier’s arm.

It was soon time to go to the next stop on the adventure.  They again piled into the aqua-automobile and soon arrived in Africa.  They stopped in Angola at the Kissama National Park.

“Look over there! It’s one of my cousins!”,said Allen Antelope.

“There are some of my cousins, too!”, cried Arnie Aardwolf.

“There are three of my cousins over under that tree!”,squealed Anna Aardvark. “Let’s go say hello!”

All three went to their cousins and chatted about living in Africa and about living in the United States. They shared some of their foods and then said goodbye.

“We will have to arrange for them to visit us like we are visiting them!”, said Allen and Ann.

“We sure will! We will make it a great adventure for them!”, said Addie. “Now we must get to our next stop, Austria.”

“Again they all piled into the aqua-automobile and before they knew it, they were in St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria.

“We are right in the middle of the Austrian Alps! It is so wonderful!”, said Addie.

“We need to come when it’s ski season!”, said Aaron Ant. “I’m a pro on the snowboard!”

“We are here to visit Arnold Affenpinscher. He is going to show us a few things.”, said Addie. ”There he is over there at the train station.”

“Hallo everybody! Herzlich Willkommen, Welcome!”,greeted Arnold. “Let’s go to my cottage at the top of the hill over there.”

“It is so beautiful here!”, everyone said all together.

They arrived at Arnold’s cottage and ate a small snack of cheese, grass, and grubs with fresh mountain spring water.

“Let’s take turns playing the alpen horn!”, said Arnold. “I’ll show you how it’s done. Arnold took a deep breath and blew a short song on the alpen horn.
Everyone took turns blowing on the horn.  Of course, Aaron Ant was the best on playing the horn.

“The alpenhorn used to be the phone, long ago, for the farmers who lived in the Alps. The sound travels a long way in the mountains.”,said Arnold. “They also used laling or yodeling to call each other between villages or when they were moving. It’s hard to carry an alpenhorn in your pocket while you are taking a walk!”
Arnold yodeled for his guests and they all joined in on a short song.

Addie announced, “It’s time for us to say farewell and thank you, Auf Wiedersehen, Vielen danke!”

“Everything was great! We had a great time!”,said Allen and Aaron.

“You must return! Goodbye and have a safe trip!”,said Arnold.

They all piled into the aqua automobile parked at the train station and before they knew it they stopped in Iceland.

“We are making a short fuel stop here in the Arctic in Iceland. Let’s enjoy the Northern Lights for a few minutes while we refuel!”, said Addie.
Everyone sat and enjoyed looking up at the beautiful light show in the sky. Soon, it was time to go and they sailed back to Addie’s home in Amarillo.

“That was a great adventure!” ,said Allen.


“We must do another soon!”,said Aaron.


“That was just absolutely fab!” ,said Abigail.


“That was a repeater!”,said Ashley.


“Awesome adventure!”,said Arnie.


“An adventure of a lifetime!”,said Anna.


“ An amazing adventure!”,said Arnie.

“I must say this adventure had something for everyone. We will do it again soon!”, said Addie.”I’ll work on an Awsome August Adventure!”

 All of Addie’s friends boarded their airplanes and flew home.