The Thumbprint Detective: Who Flooded My House?

I got a call from 7777 South Bay Drive.
The house is flooded and the owner does not know why.
I’m on my way to the site to investigate!

Now at the site: The white house on South Bay Drive
Wow! There is water everywhere! It looks almost like Noah’s ark! I better start looking for clues. I’ll start with the goldfish. They have been washed out of the house and are still in their bowl. Maybe they know something.

The Goldfish: Fish and Bowl
We had settled down in our castle for the night…. Then everything rumbled. The next thing we knew, the front door tumbled down and our home took sail out to the front yard.

The Cat: Sox
You know I don’t like the wet! I was curled up asleep for the night in the nice warm laundry basket when there was a tsunami and all of a sudden, I am riding a wave of water in the basket–Hang Ten to the Yard!

The Bird: Squawk
I was asleep on my perch in my cage, when there was a big rumble and a great wave of water knocks my cage over, the door flies open and I flew out!

Nephew: Chris
I was asleep in my warm bed, dreaming of driving my race car in the Grand Prix when I felt a big rumble and I woke up and everything was flooded. So much for winning the race!

Niece: Kelsey
I was under my covers reading my latest mystery book when I heard a great rumble and then everything was wet and in the front yard. Good thing my book had a waterproof cover so that I can finish it! That’s when I called you!

Is anyone missing? Yes! Where is Chewy the dog?
He’s not in the living room or the bedrooms.
He’s not in the kitchen or the laundry room.
He’s not in the halls.
I’ll check the bathroom!
Chewy is hiding in the bathtub?

The dog: Chewy
I missed by bedtime treat, so I searched the house for something to chew on before I went to sleep. I found this shiny bone between the toilet and the wall and started to chew and chew and chew…..
Until a large amount of water came from between the bone and the wall! I jumped into the bathtub for safety as it flowed down the hall! I was so scared!
Can I help lick everything dry?

Well, it looks like you will need a wet vacuum, fans, rubberboots and towels to dry after this squall. I will leave you my bill on the wall in your hall.

It looks like another mystery solved by the thumbprint detective!


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