The Two Sisters’ Treasure

Debbie and Sonya were two sisters walking home from school one day when the found a

dollar bill on the sidewalk. They looked around to see if someone nearby dropped the

money, but there was no one in sight. Debbie decided she would carry the dollar home

until they could decide how to spend the dollar. Sonya did not like Debbie carrying

the dollar so she grabbed the dollar. Debbie grabbed the dollar back and this went

on until one of them dropped the dollar and a gust of wind blew the dollar into the

gutter and down the storm drain. Debbie and Sonya were sad at their loss. Mrs.

Davis, the neighbor across the street watched the whole episode and told the girls

it is always better to give in a little than to lose everything because you were


One thought on “The Two Sisters’ Treasure

  1. verhonda says:

    It has been one year since Storybook Galaxy opened its space flight plan to the galaxy of reading! We have been moving at super dimensional speeds through the galaxy this year and what a ride it has been! There are now more than 50 stories and poems for all of my readers to enjoy. I will begin to slow our warp speed ride down to explore new galaxies and write about them also. So in 2018, I will post one new story a month allowing you and your family more time to enjoy the stories and create more pictures and crafts to match the stories. Have a safe and happy holiday season! My readers, keep on reading and exploring the reading galaxy! Remember, my writing force is with you!


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