A Positive Alteration


Out in a field over several spring days,

Flowers started to bloom with sweet smells blowing many ways.

There were roses, lilacs, lavender, so sweet,

gardenias, freesias, peonies and jasmine with perfumes that were neat,

visited by butterflies and bees on gentle breeze spring days.


One day a small flower arose from the dirt with a foul smell of a skunk and goat.

It was thin pale green with a bright hard seed coat.

The other flowers wilted and waned when the fragrance from the new flower was carried their way.

“You smell like a skunk and you’re drowning out our scent.” The other flowers would say.

“When will you leave? Your time is spent.”

“We attract butterflies and bees. We are spread across the world.  Your smell is so strong it

makes leaves curl!”

“Who visits you when you’re smelling like a dead rat?”

“No one will visit with a scent as foul as that!”


The flowers leaned away every chance they could

to avoid the horrible smell from the little skunk flower that stood.

Only flies came to visit and buzz for a while.

This did not make the skunk flower smile.

One day a bird, sitting on a limb of a tree that hung near stink flower, said, ”Every living

creature has a purpose in life. Stop listening to all that silly strife.”

“Just be strong, be happy, keep growing and your purpose will be clear.”

“It will happen soon. The time is near!”


Stink flower kept growing until a small red fruit started to grow from its center.

‘Wow!” said stink flower.”This is a day I will always remember!”

A pretty red fruit so delicious, juicy and sweet.

A small brown rabbit hopped up to the stink flower and asked,”May I eat?”

Soon more small animals came to share and eat the treat!

“My, my!”, said the stink flower to the bird in the tree.”I know the purpose nature has

given me!”

“ I give fruit to feed all my furry friends!”

“Maybe next year, I will get to do it again!”

“See what happens when you take the time to wait and see!” chirped the bird in the tree.

“You don’t need the comments of others to decide what to be!”



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