The G Story


“ Good morning Gary!”, said Mom. “ Breakfast is ready. Come to the kitchen and eat.”

Gary Gorilla jumped out of bed, washed his face and brushed his teeth, put on his clothes

and ran down stairs to the kitchen for breakfast.

“Is today the big day?”, asked Gary.

“Only if you start the garden in the greenhouse in the backyard. Everything you will need

is in the garage.” said Mom and Dad.

Gary ate his cereal and fruit and drank his milk and rushed out of the house into the giant

green garage.

“Hi Gary!”, yelled Giles Gecko. “What are you doing today?”

“ I’m cleaning the greenhouse to start the garden for my mom. I will have a party after I

finish.”, said Gary.

“ May I help?”, asked Giles.

“Sure!” , said Gary, “There can never be too many helpers!”

Along comes Giveme and Gotit Goats. “ Hey Gary! Looks like you’re starting a big chore.

Allow us to help you, if you please?”

“We can weed the garden and mow the grass.”

“Great!“, said Gary, “ That will really help out!”

They walked into the garage to gather the tools for the garden. There were so many things.

A globe, sunglasses, a griddle, a golden gate, an old set of tea glasses, games, gardening

gloves and gardening tools, a baseball glove, Gary’s mom’s old evening gown, his dad’s

golf clubs, lots of glue, safety goggles, a gumball machine, a go-cart, one large gong, a

guitar, grill, a soccer goal and grocery cart, garden hose and grandma’s old girdle.

“ We will use the grocery cart to take the gardening gloves and gardening tools to the

greenhouse in the backyard.”, said Giles.

“Hey Gary!”, yelled Gabby Goose, Gory Gator, and Grace Giraffe, “May we help?”

“Okay”, said Gary,”We can use more hands!”

“Let’s go to the greenhouse in the backyard.”, yelled Gary.

Gus and Greg the Gerbil twins popped in from next door. “We are here to help too!”

“So am I!”, squeaked Gwen Guinea Pig.

“Me too!”, popped up Goober Gofer.

So they all pitched in and cleaned the greenhouse and planted the garden.

“Where do you want me to put all of these golf balls I keep finding in the garden?”, asked

Goober, “Everytime I try to dig a hole to plant the gourd seeds, I find one of your dad’s


“Just place them in this bag until we finish.”, said Gary.

“I’ll clean the greenhouse glass.”, said Gabby.

“ There’s some green glass cleaner and some rags in the grocery cart.”, said Gary.

After hours of cleaning, digging and planting, the garden was ready. They planted greens

of all kinds, garlic, green beans, gourds, ginger, garbanzo, guava and grapes.

“Everyone must stay for my party in the giant green garage! We must celebrate the big

cleaning and planting! You may pick anything you choose as a gift from the garage! It is

my family’s way of saying, Thank You!”, announced Gary.

Grace took the gown as her gift. Gabby took grandma’s old girdle. Gwen took the tea

glasses for her gift. Goober took the safety goggles, and the globe.  Giveme and Gotit took

the guitar and the gong. Goober took the baseball glove, Giles took the sunglasses and

Gory took the soccer goal as their gifts.

“Now let’s get this party started!”, yelled Gary.

Giveme and Gotit played the music for the party and Gary’s mom served green apples,

grilled burgers,hot dogs and lemonade.

And they danced and ate into the night.


Good night!


Verhonda Wiltz




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