The C Story


One bright sunny morning, Cassy Cake walked into her bakery and decided to  bake a new

and special cookie. She greeted her assistants Cory and Cindy and told them about her new


“We must mix a few old ingredients together to make a new flavor!”, she said.

 Cory and Cindy were excited and they opened the old cookbook to look for the right old


Cory asked, “Should we try peanut butter?”

“No! Let’s try sugar cookies!” ,said Cindy.

“I’ve got one better!” ,said Cassy. ”We will use a chocolate chip recipe and then add two or

three new things!”

“That sounds so good!”, said Cindy and Cory.

“Now let’s look in the pantry. We will need chocolate chips, coconut, caramel and

cinnamon.” said Cassy.

Cindy said,” We can use cream instead of butter.”

“Good idea!” ,said Cassy.

So they pulled out the big crock mixing bowl and added the ingredients. Cory and Cindy

mixed and stirred and mixed and stirred.  

Cassy looked into the bowl and said, “ Now is the time to pour the mix onto the cookie

sheets and place them in the oven to bake.“

The smell was wonderful. When the cookies were ready, Cassy, Cory and Cindy each took a

cookie for taste.

“Mmmmm! They are soooo gooood!”  they squealed. “ We must sell these in the bakery!”

So Cassy, Cory and Cindy continued to bake the new cookies and the customers who

visited the bakery bought all of the cookies every day! The new cookies became so popular,

that the three spent most of their time baking cookies.

One day a special letter came to the bakery.  Cassy opened the letter and squealed to Cory

and Cindy, “ The president of Cameroon somehow tasted one of our new cookies, and now

is requesting that we send one year’s supply to his country for the people to enjoy!”

“Wonderful!”, screamed Cory and Cindy. “Let’s start baking!”

Cassy said,” I don’t know how he got some of our cookies, but we will send him the

cookies even if it is a thousand miles away.  “We need to name the cookie. What should we

name it? “

Cassy, Cory and Cindy thought and thought and finally agreed the cookie should be called

the Cameroon, for the fans in the far away land of Cameroon! They decided to pack the

Cameroons in green, red and yellow striped boxes to look like the Cameroon flag.  Cassy

shipped the cookies to the address given by the president of Cameroon. Three weeks later,

another special letter arrives at the bakery. Cassy calls Cory and Cindy into the office of

the bakery and reads the letter out loud.

“The Cameroon Cookie is so good, it has been shared all over the country of Cameroon and

is to be named the official cookie of Cameroon! We are inviting you and your bakers to the

official declaration of the Cameroon Cookie as the national cookie of the land!”

Cassy, Cory and Cindy flew  thousands of miles to Cameroon for the declaration of the

Cameroon Cookie as the national cookie of the land and were

also named the official Cameroon bakers. They received certificates, pictures and gold

medals for their baking.  When they returned to their bakery, they hung the medals,

pictures and certificates on the main wall of the bakery for everyone to see.  To this day,

they are still baking the chocolate chip, coconut, caramel, cinnamon Cameroon Cookie and

they are selling all of them everyday!



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