The D Story

Danny dog decided to have a dance party at his doghouse. So he pulls out his cell phone

and calls his friends to help him plan his party.

“Hey Dave! What are you doing? Come on by and help me plan a dance party at my

doghouse tomorrow night.” said Danny, “and bring Derrick and Dylan with you.”

“I’ll be there in ten minutes with the guys! It sounds great to me!” said Dave.

Ten minutes later, Danny hears a knock at his door.

“Come on in!, said Danny. “ You’re just in time. How will we decorate the house?”

“ What kind of music will we be playing?”, asked Derrick.“ We can ask Donald to DJ for


“ Don’t know. How about disco, hip-hop and dance music of the 60’s, 70’s and ‘80’s?”

said Dave.

“Let’s decorate the place with dinosaurs and dragons!”, said Derrick.” I’ve got quite a few

at my place.”

“What will we eat?” asked Dylan.

“How about donuts, deep dish pizzas?” asked Dave.

“Derby cheese, deviled eggs, dried bananas and doggie biscuits?”, asked Derrick.

“Of course we can’t forget the dog bones, dip, drumsticks and dump cake!”,said Danny.

“We will mix our famous deep blue doggie punch for drinks!”,They all said.

“Let’s get started on getting this together!”,said Danny.” Everyone we tell will invite ten

of their friends.”

“Yeah, I’ll let my neighbors Darlene, Dennis, Denise and Dylan know. They will spread the

word!”, said Dave. “They will turn out the dog pound for a dance party!”

Everything was all set and ready by the next evening.

The guests all came. There were dogs from everywhere: Next door, uptown, downtown,

around town, east side, west side, north side, south side, and even beach side.

Everyone wanted to dance.

They did the dougie. They did the dub step and the dig and drop. They did the dog and of

course, they discoed the night away with Donald DJ!

Even the local dog bands showed up to play. The Dog Dragons, The Red Barons, The Blue

Healers and The Red Cliffs all played. What a night it was at Danny’s Doghouse Dance


The party went on until the last of the food was gone. It was almost dawn when the last

dog went home. Danny, Derrick and Dave agreed that this was the best doghouse dance

party ever! They were so dog tired that they fell asleep all around the doghouse.


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