The E Story

Eddy Elephant was walking across the field one sunny afternoon on his way to the

watering hole to visit his friends, when he saw something strange in the field. He stopped

and he sniffed it. He walked around it. He carefully touched it with his trunk. It did not

move or make a sound. There was no one around. It was a large egg in large nest and there

were no birds to be found. Eddy thought for a minute, now what should I do? I can’t leave

this egg here alone with no momma or friends. I’ll just sit here on it until momma comes

this way again. So Eddy sat and he sat and he sat and he sat.

Finally, Elwyn the Elk came running by. “What you doing Eddy? Why are you sitting in that

nest on that egg?”

“It was here in the nest with no momma or friends. So I’m keeping it warm until momma

comes back again!” said Eddy.

So when do you think she’s coming?” asked Elwyn. “We’re supposed to be at the watering

hole for lunch by ten.”

“ I don’t know, but I hope it’s soon! You know I get really hungry by noon!”

Elizabeth the eagle started to circle above. “Hey Eddy! What are you doing down there?”

“I’m keeping an egg warm in its nest because I care!” said Eddy.

“Where is its momma?” asked Elizabeth.

“I don’t know. It was here in the nest with no momma or friends, so I’m keeping it warm

until momma comes back again!”

“Looks like you’ll miss lunch, so we will bring it to you. We will have a picnic with great


“Yummy!” said Eddy and “Thank you too!”

Elwyn and Elizabeth bring back a feast of eggplant, egg rolls, eclairs, endive, enchiladas,

and etouffee to eat.

“My what a grand and fancy meal!”, said Eddy.”Hey! Something is moving under me!

What’s the deal?”  

Around the corner in a flash, comes Erica Emu, momma to the egg. “What’s going on

here? Why are you on my egg?”

“I found your egg in the nest all alone, so I sat on it until you came home.” said Eddy.

“Hurry and sit here. I feel it starting to scratch!” “It won’t be long before it begins to


Erica quickly plopped down on the nest and it didn’t take long before the egg did the rest.

Out comes the chick all wet and warm! She shook her feathers and hopped to keep warm.

“Thank You!” said Erica. “Now I’m a new mom!”

“You’re welcome! You’re welcome! Ms. Erica Emu!”, said Eddy. “In the future, if you need,

I will sit on your eggs, just call me!”


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