The H Story

One morning Henry Hippo woke up and said, “I think I’ll visit Haley Hare’s hole. I always

have fun and find good things when I visit Haley Hare.”  

So he ate a hearty breakfast of ham, honeydew and toast with honey, before starting his

trip to Haley’s hole.

No sooner than he left his back porch, Heather Hen greeted him down the path.

“Good morning Henry! Where are you going today?”, she asked.

“ I’m on my way to Haley Hare’s hole for some fun.”, Henry said.

“Can I come along?”, asked Heather.

“Sure!”, said Henry, and they walked down the trail to Haley’s hole.

They soon passed a small hole along the way and out popped Hunter Hedgehog.

“Hey guys! Where’re you going?”, he said.

“To Haley’s hole.”, clucked Heather.

“Can I come too?”, asked Hunter.

“Sure!”, said Henry as they walked down the trail.

Halfway to Haley’s hole, they pass a pasture with horses grazing.

“Good morning Henry, Heather and Hunter! Where are you going today?”, said Hannah

Horse. “We’re going to Haley’s hole. Do you want to come?”, all three asked.

“ Sure!”, said Hannah and they walked down the trail to Haley’s Hole.

Just before they reached the curve where the trail passed in front of Haley’s Hole, they

passed Hector Hog’s pen.

“Hello!”, yelled Hector. “ You going to Haley’s Hole?”

“Yes!”, they all said at once.

Hector said,” I’ll come with you.”

They finally made it to Haley’ hole and things are flying out of the hole.

“Hello Haley!”, said Henry Hippo. “What are you doing?”

Haley said, “I’m spring cleaning and remodeling my hole. Most things must go!”

Haley’s neighbors Harry Hamster, Hope Hummingbird, and Hank Hawk were also there to

help him remove the things from his hole.

“ We will give you a hand to help you too!”, said Henry Hippo and friends.

They pulled out hundreds of hats of every color and size, helmets, heads for hair, toy

helicopters, toy houses, hula hoops, an owl that hoots, a fire hydrant and hose, hooks of

all kinds, shapes and sizes, hundreds of hangers, seven harmonicas, a harpsichord, a harp,

and animal and musical horns which they played together when they stopped for a lunch


Heather, Hope and Heather hung a hammock on the trees at the top of the hill, to rest

while having hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch. The bees brought some of their fresh

honey from their hive.

Haley Hare gave a big speech at the end of lunch:

“Thank you everyone for coming today to give a helping hand in cleaning out my hole! You

may keep all of the things that we cleaned from the hole! I now have a bad case of the

hiccups from all of this excitement and must leave lunch early to my hole and hit the hay!

Again thank you for coming and have a great day!”


Haley’s neighbors and friends took all of the treasures and divided them among

themselves and went home.  Harry and his friends walked happily home with all of their

new treasures and promised to return another day!

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