The M Story

“Good morning Mac! What are you doing today?”, asked Mike Mouse and Marsha Monkey.

“ I’m packing for my vacation to the moon.”, said Mac  Moose.

“ Mind if we come along?”, Mike and Marsha asked.

“Sure you can! Just help me plan and pack for the trip! We will be staying for a month!”,

said Mac.

“First we will pack our food. We will need milk, melons, muffins, mushrooms, muenster

cheese, mangoes, macadamia nuts and maple syrup for our menu. Are we taking the

mirror stove and microwave?”, said Mike.

“Yes, we will!”, said Mac.

“Next we will need our supplies for our trip. We will need masks and mittens for our

moonwalks and our motorcycle module to ride on the moon once we get there.”, said


“Let’s look at the map and my magazine I got in the mail Monday, and decide on our

motel, movies, and museums we will visit while we are there.”, said Mac.

“We will leave the first Monday in March and land on the Mare of Nectaris and will stay

one month at the Half-Moon Motel.  While we are there, we will ride our motorcycle

modules, watch movies, order pizzas from the Comet Pizza menu, visit the Tycho Crater

Disco and dance the moonwalk to the music and visit the moon rock museum and

planetarium.”, said Mike.

“I’ll call and make all the reservations!”, said Marsha.

Marsha called the space travel agent and made the reservations with agent Molly Mole.

“ You should be ready for blast-off on time by Monday, March 1st.“, assured Molly Mole.

“Make sure you have your masks, mats, mops and misters for your trip. It gets mighty

dusty on the moon and your misting will make plenty of mud.”, said Molly. “Oh, and don’t

forget to take a few magnets for any floating items you may lose on the way there or on the

way back.”, Molly reminded them.

“We can’t wait for our trip!”, screeched Marsha. “Thanks for everything Molly!”

That first Monday of March, Mike, Marsha, and Mac climbed aboard Mac’s spaceship in his

backyard. Mac sat at the controls and Mike sat at the desk with the maps to navigate the

trip and Marsha was the co-pilot of the ship.


Mac, Mike, and Marsha were off to the moon for their month long vacation!


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