The L Story

Last lunar month, Leki Lemur and Lacy Ladybug finished their last long lab lesson and

decided to plan a large lawn lunch at the sandy lagoon to celebrate learning their last laws

of science.

“Let’s send invitations by lighted letters to our classmates and friends. The lunch menu

will have lettuce, leaves, leeks, lobster, lasagna, liver, ling, lotus root, links, lemonade and

lime and lemon drop ice cream topped with licorice lollipops.”, said Lacy Ladybug.

“We’ll have Lyn Lamb the master chef cater the whole lunch.”, said Leki Lemur.

“I’ll ask the Leaping Loud Laughing Lamp Leg Llama Rock Band to provide some music for

the lunch.”, said Lacy. “This will be easy to plan and it will not take long!”

The last day of the lunar month came lickety split!

Everyone left the lab and headed to the sandy lagoon for the last laws of science


The Leaping Loud Laughing Lamp Leg Llama Rock Band played and sang at the top of their

lungs and Larry Lizard leaped and danced shaking all four legs. Leki Lemur liked the lunch

so much, that he ran a lap and lost his lime green lid somewhere on the lawn. Lacy

Ladybug led the lightening bugs to the lip of the lawn lamp with the Left Lyra Land dance.

Happy the laughing hyena was the last to leave the lunch after she climbed the long link

ladder that led to the bottom of the tall live oak tree and looked into the dark log that led

to the home of Lisa the leery lemming. Last but not least, everyone helped lock the leaky

laboratory for the long summer.

I bet you can’t wait to have a school year end like that!


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