The J Story

It was time for a friendly competition of playground games. They called it a playground playoff

for prizes. Jenny chose Jessica and Jill chose Jayla for their teammates. They decided to have it

at The Johnson Park Playground on the first weekend in June. They would compete in jump

rope, jacks and jumpsie. The jump rope would be single, double dutch, and music jam. The

snacks would be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, jam cookies with seven jugs of juice. They

would wear jeans and green tee-shirts with yellow jello tennis shoes. They would jump for

jacks, jewelry, and jigsaw puzzles. They even would compete with their jump rope rhymes!

Jerrie and Jan would be the judges of the games.

Jayla said,”I’ll make the flyers and Jill, you can help post them.”

Soon flyers were hung, prizes packed, music selected, sandwiches made and shopping was


The first weekend of June had finally arrived. The weather was sunny, warm and bright. The

Johnson Park Playground was packed! The whole neighborhood was there to see the jump

rope playoff. The judges, Jerrie and Jan, were sitting at their table. Juno, Jenny’s older sister,

used her old cheerleading megaphone to announce the start of the playoff games. The single

jump was the first competition with Jenny, Jill, Jessica and Jayla. Jenny won first place for

jumping rope five minutes without stopping, Jayla won second place and Jessica won third. The

girls won jewelry and jawbreakers as prizes.

Everyone took a break and had peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches, strawberry jam

cookies, with jackfruit and juice. They chatted and rested under the trees for awhile then the

games began again. This time Juno announced the start of the double dutch playoffs. Juno

started the music on the jam box, the neighbors clapped to the beat, and the girls started to

jump to their rhymes.

……”jump so high you can reach the jet passing by”….

….”jump so fast, you pass the jeep on the 57th street overpass”…

They rotated the jumpers until all were through. Then the judges decided that Jill’s team had

won the match.

“Yeah! That’s how we do it!”, yelled Jill.

“Last but not least, will be the jumpsie playoffs!”, announced Juno.

All the neighbors gathered around to see which girl would win the jumpsie playoff.

Someone turned on the boom box and played an old familiar song with a loud beat. Each girl

went far with jumpsie, but it was Jayla who won when she used some of her gymnastic moves.

All the neighbors clapped and cheered.

Juno announced the end of the competition and the crowd cheered the winners.

The neighbors lifted the girls above their heads and carried them down the streets, home

yelling, “Hip Hip Hooray! What a wonderful way to end the day!”



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