The O Story

Otis the olive octopus swam happily in the warm ocean eating oysters from the oyster

bed and playing hide and go seek with his friend Oscar the oddly pink squid while

squirting ink at each other.  Otis danced an old fashioned dance on his way to find his

friend Omari the orange starfish. Omari was sitting on a very large round rock on the

bottom of the ocean watching Orlando the one-lined pencilfish swim by. Otis invited

Omari to join him in eating oysters at the oyster bed near the opening he called home.

“I would be delighted to join you!,” said Omari.

Otis and Omari swam to the oyster bed and were suddenly surprised by the Oakland

Otter family who were very occupied with eating as many oysters as they could while

floating over the bed.

“Oh! What a mess they are making!,” yelled Omari. “Will there be any left for us to eat?”

“Don’t worry about how much we eat here!,” snapped Orion Oakland. “ You need to

occupy your time observing the oil slick on the ocean surface that has been drifting this

way since October!”

“It has ruined everything in its path. That is why we are here to eat. The oil has covered

all our food near our home.”

“Oh no!,” said Otis. “That is so sad. What caused the oil slick?”

“One of those old oil barges hit some of the coral which opened a hole in the bottom and

all of the oil leaked into the ocean.”

“Everyone will have to move until the human oil technicians clean it up..” said Ophelia


“It was so much better when humans used boats of oak with oars!,” stated Omari.

Soon, Owen and Olympia, the Orcas swam by.

“We are looking for a large school of oblique banded butterflyfish. Did you see any pass

by?, ” asked Owen.

“No we have not.,” said Otis. “How far is the oil slick from us now?”

“ I would say maybe three days away, but it looks like the human oil technicians are

trying to clean it now.,” said Olympia.

“ Maybe we won’t have to move and we can just observe.,” said Omari.

On the hour of one o’clock, Oden, the water police officer arrived with the official report

on the status of the oil slick.

“ From the observation of the Office of the Oceanic Science Organization, the oil spill of

October from the Orange barge has been officially removed from the ocean!,”

announced Officer Oden. “ You may return to the oyster beds of your ocean.”

“Wonderful!,” said Otis and Omari. “Now let’s sit down and enjoy our oysters!”


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