The T Story

“This is Torrence Tasmanian Devil with the Television News at Ten.”

“Television News at Ten is brought to you by Tank Truck Transport of Texas.”

“Today, Terry Tiger tap danced while his friend Tony Turtle tiptoed across the stage during the retired teachers’ tea party. It was a success. The teachers did not perform their familiar tirade when they find the monthly talent sub-par.”

“Tuesday, Terry will tango on stage with Tanya Tayra at the Tropicana Theater. This will be a show you will not want to miss! Tickets go on sale today at two.”

“Tonight be sure to watch Chef Tippy Turkey on his new show, “Top Turkey Creations”. This episode features his new twist on Thanksgiving dinner using tamales, tacos, taquitos, and tortillas. Watch “Top Turkey Creations” every Thursday at ten, nine central time on this station.”

“….And now a word from our sponsors….”

“You need your tank of liquid hauled from Tennessee to Texas? Just telephone 281-232-13-30 Tank Truck Transport of Texas!,” sang Timmy Tarantula, the country music star.

“This afternoon, Tammy Talapoin, the travel agent, traveled to Taipei, Taiwan and tasted teriyaki, tofu and tiramisu from a tray at a special tea house. You can see more of Tammy’s travels on her show, “Travel with Tammy” today at three pm. ”

We just got breaking news! Theresa Tamaraw is at the scene”.

“We are here for the grand opening of the Twinkling Twin Towers.  They are the tallest apartment and hotel towers in Toledo. Twinkling Twin Towers are taking applications for the toughest apartments and the hotel is already booked.”, said Theresa.

“Thank you, Theresa,” said Torrence. “We will be back after this.”

“Tummy Tummy is so yummy taste our tuna, tilapia, and trout. Eat it with our tartar sauce or without! Take the number ten train to Thirteenth street and fill your tummy at Tummy Tummy’s!”, sang Taffy Tortoise.

“Don’t miss Tommy Tawny tuco-tuco tactfully talking and tasting a twenty-two-gallon tank full of truffles sitting on a table to make the World Book of Records. This will be happening Thursday afternoon at three, so don’t miss it! ”

“ Timothy Tapeti cried thirty thousand tiny terrible tears as he tore the tape and tar from his fur after a terrible fall today. ”

“…..And now for our sports…..”

“The table tennis team was very technical about taping targets on the taxis to practice for the tournament next week. They say when they use this method, they usually win.”

“The Tornados will be playing the Tallahassee Twisters tomorrow in a triple header at Weather Station Field.”

“Now for By the way moments.”

“The Timber Terrace trash day will change from Thursdays to Tuesdays.”

“That’s all the news today for Television News at Ten. Thank You for watching! I’m Torrence Tasmanian Devil. Be sure to get the latest Television news by watching Television News at Two. Until tomorrow, have a Terrific Tuesday!”


One thought on “The T Story

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