The Q Story

This is the story of Queen Quintessa of New Queensland and her five quiet quotes

written with her large white quill, that made the quintuplet finals.  Queen Quintessa

kissed her beautiful quetzal who sang a quick song. She requested her quilt and quartz

crown to be carefully placed on her fiery red quiff and was quite upset when her

subjects were a quarter past the hour late to assist her.  Queen Quintessa reached for her

quill to shoot her quick arrows to punish them. Her subjects quaked, quaved, quivered

and quietly tiptoed out of her quarters. She questioned and quizzed the new quarterback

of her quarry football team on his qualifications until he quit and they traded quips and

called each other quacks. She banished him to the deserts of Qatar, with nothing to

quench his thirst, charged him a quantum of ten thousand pieces of gold, and left her

team in a quandary.

Queen Quintessa called for lunch of quincy, quahog and quiche with four quarts of royal

punch served in golden queghs, to be shared with her pets Quinton Quoll and Quickly

Quokka. After lunch she requested her purple quoif to be placed on her head for her daily four

quarters of the hour nap. Quinton Quoll bid Queen Quintessa good day and thanked her

for the lunch,  as he hurried off to his quiet hole to continue his daily nap since he is

most active at night.

Queen Quintessa gave her final order for the day for the servants to plant quamash in

the royal gardens near the quoins so Quickly Quokka would have somewhere to stay and


Now if you think this story is one large quiz and you need a dictionary, that is right on

que, wait until you read the x story. It is going to be a doozy too!



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