The N Story

Nikki, Norry, Nina, Nancy, Noah, Nero, Nadia, Norbert, Nadim, and Nero, all noticed one night that a number of neighborhood nests looked neglected and showed natural normal wear and needed repair. With Nancy taking notes, the nine friends decided to start a new nest repair business. They decided to name themselves:

”The Nimble Nine Neighborhood Nest Repair Company”
All repairs from a nickel to nineteen-ninety-nine.
No knockoffs used in our repairs!
We never refuse repairs.

Nancy and Noah stayed at the office to manage the notes, notices and calls. Nikki, Nora, Nina, Nero, Nadia, Nadim and Norbert used their nimble skills to repair the nests.

The first repair will be on the the nest next door,the nine agreed. The one in the Northern Pin Oak tree. It was a nuthatch nest with nasty little holes that nine nesting nuthatch gnawed through the floor of the nest. Norry and Nadia used their trusty knife and nimble fingers to nip and sew netting to make a new, nice and neat floor for the nest at a cost of ninety cents!

The next nest to be repaired was the nightingale nest near the end of the block. It was narrow and the nightingales were barely fitting in the nest. The Nimble Nine decided to wait until noon to knock at the nightingale nest since they are nocturnal and would be napping during the day. They returned at noon and negotiated with the nightingale’s’ work to add a nursery with nipples, with as little noise as possible, using the brightest nips and bits of newspaper, nails and nuts. The nightingales only paid nine-ninety nine!

The news about The Nimble Nine Neighborhood Nest Repair Company, traveled so fast that now neighbors nationwide were calling for their services. They received calls from New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Nebraska, North Dakota, New Mexico, and Nevada.
They were receiving requests to paint nests navy blue for the retired nautical noddy. They were asked to nail the knotholes in used woodpecker nests and repair the crow’s nest on the ship where Nosey the New Britain Dwarf Kingfisher lives.

The Nimble Nine soon became internationally known for their newly finished and repaired nests. They had requests from Nepal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua and Nigeria too! They were asked to build birdhouses with special rooms for birds with long numb necks and cramped knees, small houses for single birds, wide nests for growing families, and narrow nests for empty nest parents. A nurse also called to ask to have a nest hospital for birds that had accidents while flying.

One night, they received a call to repair a nest that was flooded with water up to the knees of the Noe Flamingo that lived there. Nina carefully folded neon green waterproof napkins to stop the flood and dry the nest. Nathan Nutcracker called for help because the tree that held his nest was knocked down.

Noelle Nunbird sat nervously reading a novel while Nero nimbly repaired the knotholes in her nest. Sir Nathan called to have a room added to his nest for his knighted suit of armor. The work cost him a nickel.

Nova Night-heron and her nephew Nolan and niece Nell, called for a nest repair in their kitchen while they were kneading dough to make knish and gnocchi. They gave a gift of lunch and necklaces to the nimble nine. The Nimble Nine dined on knish, knockwurst, gnocchi, noodles, nectarine juice, neeps,and neapolitan for dessert while neatly picnicking on their Navajo white knitted blanket on a grassy knoll. Noah nodded and sat under a Northern Oak tree for a ninety minute nap. Nikki cleaned after the picnic to not have the area visited by gnats. She packed the blanket in its knapsack and returned to the office to fill her nostrils with the sweet scents of narcissus, and nepeta in her green and navy gnome vase. When The Nimble Nine returned to the office at nine, they turned in the amount of $39.99.
What a neat start for The Nimble Nine Neighborhood Nest Repair Company!


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