The P Story

Perry Parrot perched on his purple peg on the pink porch planned the perfect picnic and pool party for Penny Pig and the rest of his friends.

He planned a menu of purple-hulled peas, pistachios, pickles, pinto beans, potato chips, pecan pudding, pears, plums, peanuts, pine nuts, pomegranate, pineapples, pancakes, paella, parsnip, peaches, pepperoni pizza, popcorn, poblanos, bell peppers, popsicles,plantains, pumpkins, pilaf and punch.

He invited Pete Porcupine, Paul Peacock, Philip Panther, Patrick Puma, Pamela and Phuong Penguin, Pin Pony, Parker Pointer, Patricia Poodle, Paige Pomeranian, Pandora Pug, Phoebe Persian, Piper, Polo, Pace, Pia and Portia Pike, Powah Polarbear, Peggy and Ping Panda, Pier Pelican. Pip Pheasant, Peta Puffin, Pyo Prayingmantis and Payton Porpoise.

Perry prepared the pool by starting the pumps and pruning the plants, cleaning the pit, patio furniture and placed some pads in the pen. He paved the path to the pond and painted the pergola and dance platform. Perry planted petunias, peonies, and portulaca and palms near the pool and the pond. He hung peach paper lanterns and made the yard look like a peaceful park.

The day of the party was final here. Penny Pig was very pleased to see all of their friends in their swimming finery! Everyone brought presents for Penny Pig to play with. Patricia Poodle, Paige Pomeranian, Phoebe Persian and Pandora Pug passed through the pergola in their pink bikinis, polka-dot maillots, and purple pumps and posed on their pink and purple pillows around the pool. They didn’t want to get their perfect pom-pom hairstyles wet! Peggy and Ping Panda sat under the giant peach parasol while taking pictures of everyone at the party. Piper, Polo, Pace, Pia and Portia Pike were swimming in the pond. Pamela and Phuong Penguin were diving and sliding in the pool along with Peta Puffin and Payton Porpoise. Parker Pointer paddled in the deep end of the pool. Philip Panther and Patrick Puma rode pedal boats in the pond.

Pin Pony, Philip Panther, Powah Polarbear and Penny Pig danced the Penguin, the Popcorn, the Mashed Potato, the Pony and the Pachanga all day and into the night on the platform while Pete Porcupine played pop hits on the piano and Perry Parrot played the piccolo. Pyo Prayingmatis checked in presents, phones, painful pumps, purses, and pocketbooks. Pip Pheasant grilled bell peppers and poblanos on the pit while Pier Pelican painted portraits of Paul Peacock, Philip Panther, Patrick Puma and the guests.

Powah Polarbear, Peta Puffin, Pamela and Phuong Penguin cooled down with peach and pineapple popsicles.

Everyone danced and swam by the light of Polaris in the sky and ended the party pooped with peppermints and parfaits and packed the food away. Penny read a pleasant poem and thanked her guests for the pretty presents brought to the party as she politely walked her guests to the pergola.  Good night!


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