The W Story

Worldwide Wednesday News


Willie Walrus was sitting on a white wall of ice during winter while eating whiting and watching penguins and puffins waddling by.

Wally Whale waved his large tail as he whisked through the ocean waves on his way to his home in Wales.

Wanda Warthog was walking through the wild wheat and wild rice in the wind in Wichita.

William Whippoorwill whistled his wonderful witty song in the walnut and willow woods in West Virginia.

And now for other news…

Warren Wallaby suffered a right wrist wound in a wreck with Wilma Waterdragon. Wilma only had a cracked window. Warren’s wound is wrapped in a wool bandage to prevent it from becoming worse.Wayne Wasp was the witness to the wreck and he said Warren was weaving while driving.

Wesley and Winnie Waterbuffalo will be traveling to Warsaw next week to cover the Winter triathlon, weightlifting, and wrestling news on next Wednesday.

Wade Wallacean Whistler, the one hundredth time winner, will be riding the waves at the Annual  National Wakeboarding Contest at Waikiki this Wednesday.

Won Walkingstick walked the one thousand kilometer Wisconsin Walking Marathon for lost wolf habitat in record time.  She raised one million waterbucks for the cause.

Wren Wapiti and her family have wandered to Wyoming for the winter. You may contact her by writing to

Waylon Waterdog has been in the watchdog business for four years. Waylon will know who, what, when and why your property is being visited or disturbed. His specialty is watching for woodpecker, wombat and weasel trespassings. Waylon will also serve arrest warrants. Please call Watchdog One at 999-444-1111 to hire Waylon for your watchdog needs.

Wania Wombat of Washington has a new weight loss program guaranteed to slim your waist without lifting weights. She will have you eating tasty watermelon, wheat crackers, wonton soup, weiners, white chocolate, walnuts, waffles and water chestnuts, while still losing weight. Her program has a one year warranty or she will replace your whole wardrobe.Watch her new web show on

Wendell and Wanjiru Wildebeest went wade fishing for whitefish, walleye, warmouth and wimple with Wyatt Wandering Whistling Duck at Waldo Lake.

New wizard class begins Wednesday at one at Willow’s Whimsical Welcome Center. Wands, whips, washcloths and washbasins will be provided.

Winston Woodchuck and Winona Wolverine will have a snow-white winter wedding in one week on the weekend in Walla Walla, Washington.

For more Worldwide Wednesday News, write Warner Wolverine or Wafaa Warrigal on the web at


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